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Supporting enhanced care at the RBWH

Neurosurgery Ward and a new ICU family support program.


Add a personal message of support to our wall to tell us how you plan to #MoveForLex!

Message of Support


Messages of Support

Smith Family

Sophia Simpson

Grant Miller

Monique Piccioli

You've got this Alexa! So inspired by you and everything you are!

Emily Anderson

Dear Lex, You are an inspiration to us all and we wish you the speediest recovery. Love from the Anderson Family.

Emily Anderson

Dana Lang

Shawn Elworthy

Ramona Datu

shawn e


shawn e

shawn elworthy


shawn elworthy

Scott Dilley

I have entered my first triathlon purely from your inspiration.

Beverley Nicholson

nikitta pinn

hey Alexa i am always looking up to you because you make me happy

Lex is an absolute inspiration ! Move for lex 💜

Genuinely so inspired

You are incredible and an inspiration xx

You are incredible and an inspiration xx

Rachel Jane

Sophie Greensill

An inspiration #moveforlex

As promised some profits from my business!!! Not many I am sorry because my business is growing slowly.

I work on an acute neurosurgical ward in Melbourne and I never get to see my patients progression when they leave for rehab. Seeing your progression has warmed my heart. Such a strong girl and family. So beautiful. Keep it up, all of you!

Stephanie Koolman

Brogan Hunter

Kayla Bonney

Jose Batres

Lexy you are in our prayers, stay strong and wishing a full, speedy recovery ❤

Isabella Crebert

Alexa you are an incredible inspiration. Stay strong and keep getting better xxx

You are incredible ! Wishing you all the best in your recovery Lex !!

Kim Goldsworthy

With Love From Kaydi & CJ Connolly (Jack's Friends)

Jose Batres

Hi Lex my name is Jose from Melbourne, Victoria. We are follow you and we was reading your Journey. 30 days ago my son Roberto had a similar accident like yours. You are an inspiration for us and show my son your progress. Keep working hard because like your Mum said is a long Road.

You’ve got this girl!

davina khoo

Get well soon Alexa and well done Maddy on your amazing impact :)

You are so strong Lex. You have inspired me so much and I wish you the speediest of recoveries 💖 keep on fighting beautiful girl

I love ya.

Vorgee Pty Ltd

Wishing you all the strength Lex. From the team at Vorgee!

Keep pushing, we are all behind you! 🙂

Chloe Burnside

Elizabeth McCamley

Tiffany McCarthy

Carolyn Smith

To Lex and the Leary family (Wil included!), I just wanna reach out and donate this money to show my support and show my gratitude towards your efforts in sharing Lex’s story and your efforts in staying strong and keeping your heads up, especially during these tough times (I know you must have a lot of my your plate right now). I don’t know you guys personally (I am from a Melbourne), but I have followed the story from the beginning and it makes me so happy seeing the progress from day 1 to this current day. The opportunity I have right now to show my support not only for your family but for the RBWH, fills me with so much joy and happiness, and I hope that Lex and you guys stay safe and healthy and I hope that Lex gets the full recovery she deserves and I hope that sometime in the future I am able to personally share my thanks and support to you guys personally! Below I have attached a photo to show behind the donation!! I hope this means well for your family and I don’t expect any messages back in return as I know how grateful you all are for all and every support that everyone shows! Much love, Maddy xoxo

Judy & Les Brodie

Good luck with more research and hospital equipment. My F45 club organised the fundraiser :)

You must be awesome being a pink lover…our fave colour too! Sending massive hugs from F45 Paddington and the Parers

Margaret-Ann Goy

Hiya - I am loving following your story and how motivated you are! Your family is amazing also. I keep moving every day and when I get tired and think I won’t do my daily F45 your motivation drives me to keep going!!! Thanks


Hi Lex! Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. I have followed your journey since the #moveforLex movement started. You are smashing goals and I can’t wait to continue to watch you kick even more goals. Hang in there!

The Campbells

Hello Lex You are such an inspiration.. we are thinking of you every day & moving in your honour by walking cycling & jumping on the trampoline…stay strong we are all behind you Lotsalove The Campbells❤️👏🏻👏🏻🔆


Sending hugs to Lex and the whole Leary family. I am utterly amazed at Lex’s progress at the BIRU.

Ralph Cunningham

Happy hour podcast with Lex’s sister maddy was truly touching. I wish lex a speedy recovery and her family all the love in the world xx

Sending all of the love and healing in the world 🦋

Cori Wilder

I appreciate the ability to move everyday!