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Supporting a new ICU family support

program called WeCU.


Add a personal message of support to our wall to tell us how you plan to #MoveForLex!

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Messages of Support

Casey Short

Juana Pabst

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Karen Fletcher

Such an amazing, giving, caring family , as always ❤️ Lexie you are amazing & inspirational 🌸

Jamie Hannigan

Arthur Tsantevski

Glad to hear you are doing well Alexa, looking forward to an even brighter future for you :-)

Noelia Nason

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Pauline Carlyle

Great charity Grace, I’m happy to support you

Lyndal Brown

Your strength, support and personal determination is incredible. Your journey so far has been an amazing one to follow. Looking forward to your future achievements. With heartfelt wishes. Lyndal

David Bowling

Hi Lex, My son Jordan had an accident and suffered brain trauma. He was treated at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. They were fantastic and one of the nurses mentioned moveforlex. He spent a similar amount of time in ICU and returned to Perth on Tuesday. You are much further down the path than Jordan. Well done to you and your family. I’ll show him your instagram page later today for it is an inspiration. He is learning to talk and said “hi mum” for the first time yesterday which made us melt. It’s been day by day for us so far. We are from the UK originally but based in Perth so used hospital accommodation in Sydney, which was brilliant. It was a great idea to raise funds to support families for it was exactly what we needed when our world was falling apart. Not sure if you will post this but I thought your dad Russel did really well on his posts. I relate to his comments and feelings. You are an inspirational family! Keep going with you mission.

Dianne Allman

You are an inspiration Lex. Thanks for all you do. x

Suzanne Rath

Mia Lonon

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As a student studying towards a physical therapy degree, I came across your story and it just solidifies to me just how passionate I am about doing my job, and how it can elicit such a positive response in patients such as you. You are a true inspiration who has motivated me to work harder to achieve my goal of becoming a physiotherapist, it would be an honour to ever work with a patient like you!


I came across your story around a month ago, and have been following ever since! So happy to see how far you’ve come and you’re so lucky to have the friends and family you have surrounding you!

Jason Grady

Gale Gorecki

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Irene M Krieger

Skye Butler

Natalie Webster

Adelle Elphinstone

From Stay Resort Group. Much love to Lex and her family and friends xx

Cara Mohan

I hope that things get better. Stay strong.

Suzanne Rath

Neil Kumar

Lex, Awesome to meet you and hear about all the good sh*t! Excited about your what the future holds for you. Keep going! Neil

Ellie Chapman

Tracey Ricchini

Hi Lex, So proud of you with what you have achieved in the last year. Your perseverance,big smile and heart is amazing. Keep swimming little mermaid. All the best with your recovery, Tracey

Aysia Griffith

Rediscover You Podcast

Because of Maddy Sharing the Move For Lex Story on the Rediscover You Podcast. I am donating a $1 a review. So far we have raised $142. This Movement is truly inspirational! Thank you for continuing inspiring others to move their body and reminding us to be grateful.

Emma Hamilton

Thank you for shining a light on this worthy cause.

Eva and Lila

good luck

Kalyn Ponga


hello alex nathan here hoping to get well have special needs lots of help from me best wishes to all your fmaily

Molly Williams

Hey Lex, My name is Molly and I've been following your journey for quite some time now. I felt like sending you a message to remind you that you are so worthy and have touched the hearts of so many people. You inspire me to be grateful always and to live every moment to the fullest as no one ever knows what's around the corner. I was actually holidaying in Noosa over the new year and I said to mum and dad a few times, I hope I bump into Lex!! Anyways, in 2020 I tore my ACL, It felt like my world had crashed and completely flipped upside down, I was heart broken and every day felt impossible. I was very dedicated to my sport and 12 months of no sport or physical activity felt like the world was literally going to end. However, throughout my rehab I worked closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists who mentored me to be positive and always optimistic. Then in late July 2021 I heard about you lex, I was in year 12 and I absolutely had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated high school. I became so engaged with your recovery that i even turned my bell post notifications on for the move for lex account, so every time there was a post I made sure I didn't miss it! Anyways, to cut a long story short you motivated me and inspired me to just keep on going and to fight harder when days a tougher. I eventually graduated year 12 and have now been offered a place at ACU in Melbourne to study Occupational therapy, I would never have looked into this career path if it wasn't for you. I have loved watching you work closely with amazing nurses and health practitioners and I hope one day when I am a qualified OT I will be able to assist people in making a full recovery just like you will. I think it will be the most rewarding thing in the world to me to work with people who have suffered injuries and see them improve and grow each and every single day. I am so sorry fro long message, I just felt like reaching out to remind you of how many hearts you have touched and how amazing you truly are. Remember to always keep you head up and know that the people who love you will always stand by you through both thick and thin. You are amazing lex and I cant wait for my MOVEFORLEX t-shirts and caps to arrive hehe! Lots of love Molly - my instagram is mollyywilliams_ xxx

Tina Bayley

LeighAnn Rohde

Bec and Crooky

Love you Lex! Daisy sends love too xxx

Cindy Hazeldene

Keep kicking goals Lex, can’t wait to watch you at the Olympics!! Much love xx

Lusara ratibmagidu

Request to support our community

Praise Chabata

Brodie Cooper

Michelle Carter

Karen Rose

Kelly Davis

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Monique Pike

Christie Clark

Lots of admiration and support from San Francisco! Found your story on Instagram and am so inspired to keep moving, physically and emotionally. Thank you! Your resilience is incredible to get to see.

Kristy Shannon

Dear Lex, know that you are making such a huge positive impact on the world through this tough trial in your life. I was in a similar accident to you at exactly the same age, and I have watched your recovery journey closely from the start, it's brought up so many memories (well, the ones I have retained!) and emotions for me personally. You inspire me and so many others every single day to cherish this body and this one precious life that we have. Stay strong and keep doing your amazing work, things will just keep getting better with time, patience and work, I promise. Kristy xo

Dane Morris

Madison Di Giacomo

Peter Bailey

Thinking of you Lex. I’m incredibly inspired by your strength

William Abela

William A

Dear Lex, I saw your story on a current Affair,you are an inspiration to every australian it's great to see you improving and getting stronger,you are a wonderful australian,keep going and i hope you achieve as much as is possible for you in life ,i say thank you and all the best for your future

Kerri Malone

Deborah Byrne

From the National Assistance Card team, a huge thank you to Russell, Belinda, and of course Lex for their support regarding this Australian first initiative for people living with brain injury.

Tony Tutton

Just heard about this, in tears right now, just lost a family member 2 weeks ago and 3 last year, can't give much but please get well soon, racingdriver05

H Aiken

Ur foundation will help so many and u will be soooo blessed ! Ur are an inspiration xoxo🙏🏼

Elijah Spaull

Daniel Veronese

Glad I watched ACA (which I usually don’t) on Saturday. Very uplifting story of a remarkable person & wonderful family.

Robyn Shorrock

A wonderful idea and my thanks for your initiative in creating WeCU

Rob & Lorinda Bridgland

Jeanette Megson

Reginald Ndenda

Jackie Nemtsas


I was holidaying in QLD when you accident happened Lex and have followed your story since. You are a true inspiration & such a fighter! You have come such a long way already & I have real belief in you that you can recover so much more. Your gorgeous family and supporters are right behind you. Stay strong & keep going. You have SO much love and support around you xx

Kristin Devitt

On behalf of the KDPR family and network, thank you for inspiring us Lex in 2021, and for beginning a movement of change for all, including the support of families in ICU into the future, Kristin Devitt

William Camenzuli

Good evening Lex. My name is William. I don't know you, nor do you know me. But I have seen your ordeal on instagram and I just want you to know that you have come so far. It's the toughest times in life that make us who we are. Thankyou for showing this world that even in the midst of darkness there is always light and always hope. Merry Christmas and happy new year. From William Camenzuli.


God loves you

Christine Vincent

Stay strong hun! Just a random stranger who saw your moveforlex flyer at Anytime fitness. You have my support and I’m wishing you to beat your biggest obstacle.

Georgia Mcphail

phil allen

u will get there , u have all the support of people who love u.

Sally Arnold

Hi Alexa, This money was raised #moveforlex in support for Aunt Cheryl, Jacqui Frawley and I who competed in a short triathlon on the Gold Coast. Our supporters were from Gary Bromleys training group"Sandgoorus at Miami Gold Coast and friends- your Dad knows many of the crew! Wishing you courage and kindness for your ongoing recovery. We are moving for you Alexa with love :) Sally Arnold xo

Billy Porter

Jess Ndenda

Reginald Ndenda

Leisa Petersen

Sam Wisemantel

Your such an inspiration Lex

Mark Gretgrix

Wishing you the best from Wedderburn College Yr 10s.

Emma Dougherty

Kevin Truong

Lex - you’re a true champion, soldier and inspiration! You’re doing amazing things and helping so many others. Mel and Kev

Manchi Lin


Hi Alexa! I just wanted to say that watching your journey and progress so far has been incredible, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings you. The Move for Lex movement has really inspired me and so many other people to embrace life and exercise, because every day is precious. Sending lots of love to you and your family ❤️

Jay Robinson

Daniella Baulch

Jessica Grogan

Jordan R

graeme leese

Ella Whyte

Hey Lex!! My names Ella, from Brisbane! I just wanted to say just keep swimming! You are the most lovely, kind, and of course athletic young lady! I’m so proud of your persistence. Keep believing in yourself and never let anything dull your sparkle. Ella!

Natalie Carlyle

Legend Alexa! We were so proud to ride in moveforlex teams at Noosa, we felt to donate more.

Shane Giusa

Jason Hauser

jacqui Hollins

We love you Lex!

Irene M Krieger

Ellabeth and Edie

Hey Alexa, You are so determined and your vibes are so good. Love ya Keep fighting sista

Lyn Bayliss

Supporting Sally, Cheryl and Jacqui's fundraising effort at the Queensland Tri series.

Marsha O’Brien

James A

Jayde Wilks

When life puts you in tough situations don’t say’ why me’ say ‘try me’. Life’s a climb but the view is great🤍🌼🌈

Cyrille Del Rosario

Our prayers for your speedy recovey, Lex. You are in the best hands with the staff of RBWH. We are very thankful of the care and support the ICU, neuropsych ward and rehab has given my daughter last year. Never lose hope. Keep the faith. Stay strong. - Maria

Tyler Fuller

A small donation to a huge cause. Having a TBI myself from falling off a 10m cliff, reading your story Lex gives me so much determination. You are helping others in such an outstanding way. You should be proud of yourself. Don’t think this is it. I never would have thought that I would be able to run a half-marathon to raise funds for the NRF, and I did. You’re inspiring so many, and I really hope our paths cross one day x

Darren Greaves

Rob Stalling

Alexa, You are such an amazing person and you continue to inspire the world with your progress. It was incredibly special to have you and the family at this year's Noosa Triathlon. What a moment when BG spoke about your journey at the Athlete Awards - there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd! At the event, our waste contractor Party Bins, collected bottles and cans that were then sent to Express Recycling in Noosaville for processing. We thought the money raised from the collection of 5,916 bottles and cans should go to #MoveForLex From the team behind the Noosa Triathlon, we wish you all the best!

Scott Kemper


Hey Lex, Lara here :) When I came across the 'moveforlex' instagram on the weekend, I spent two hours going through the account from start to finish. I actually have no words. You are an absolute inspiration and should be so proud of yourself. I followed all of your Instagram accounts, messaged my family and have told many friends about you. I am one of 5 kids, very sporty and am 25 so very similar to you. Seeing your journey really hit home for me. I'm not a very big swimmer and to be honest hate doing laps in a pool so I am going to start swimming this summer and #moveforlex. All the best with your ongoing recovery, never give up and I hope to see you representing Australia one day!!!

Justin Delanty

Good luck Troy 21km up a mountain isn’t that what a car is for 😂

Renee Fry

Lex - lovely to meet you recently. I wish you all the very best as you recover and hope to see you at a Noosa Tri again in the future. Big Love to you and your tyre changing Dad :) xx

Swimfit eumundi

Hey Alexa and family, at Swimfit Eumundi we wanted to wish you all the best on your recovery. We had a blast fundraising for this cause, the community swam over 5,000 laps, we called the fundraiser "Laps for Lex". Eumundi and surrounding areas came on board and helped out where they could. We hope you can full fill your dreams and one day get back onto the competition circle. We will be there cheering you on.

Isobel Ramsay

Keep fighting Lex, your bravery, strength and courage is inspiring us all!

Natalie Webster

This is from our tip jar for October. Much Love xxx

Belinda Dicken

Can’t wait to continue to watch Lex’s recovery & one day watch her get back into Triathlon’s again 💕💕

Laura Findlay

Linda Wolfenden

Sheila Hansen

Rebecca Lambe

James Harkin

Been following your journey Lex , you are an inspiration to the world. Your bubbly personality and beautiful family gives off a strong message of that no mater what the circumstances there is always a reason to smile.

Sharon Oldfield

Virginia Adams

Inspirational - we wish you healing & joy to you & all your family Xx

Shireen Power

Kristina Row

Hi Lexi, 8 years ago. I had to learn to walk and talk again my daughters were in prep and grade 2. I now run a support group with the PA hospital called STEPS. Recovery is very slow but it's amazing how things change even after 7 years I'm still learning. Drs said to me there is a 2 year plateau and you stop learning quickly. I have met people who are 18 years after their brain injury and are still learning. Be patient with yourself, which is tricky when struggle to sit still or concentrate. I now work as a support worker and I am studying counseling Diploma. Life is good. When you are ready Google Steps and ABIOS. life changing for me. kris xxx

Laura Gilmour

Jonathan and Deborah Bell

Go you good thing !

Kellie Harriden

Happy welcome home day Alexa!

We dy Cope

Russell Hoffman

Karissa Hartley


Bronwyn Wallis

Eumundi District Swimming Club

Good luck from everyone from Eumundi District swimming club

Dana Harkin

alexa you are extremely brave to

Joseph ashton

Hello, we would like to perform a show for you, with all proceeds going to the foundation. The date would be 20th January 2022, 7.30pm, location is Sunshine Coast. Could someone please ring me to let me know you have received this message. I have not had any luck contacting Nadeyn Barbieri !! Thank you, best wishes, Joseph & Michelle 0417795185 Owners & directors of INFAMOUS CABARET SHOW Facebook-Instagram - infamoustheshow

Jane Ayton

Sarah Geyer

A Courageous and inspiring young women. Your resilience and determination is powerful to so many people. Keep moving Lex you are an incredible women 😘

Caroline Favelle

Wishing you well in recovery Alexa, love and best wishes, The Favelle family

Shane Templeton

qwe qweqwae

Glenn and Eliza Vassallo

Paige Brown

Jack & Lindy McIntosh

Congratulations Alexa. What a valiant journey that can only be described as a supernatural recovery with the unending support and dedication of medical staff that adopted your misfortune as if you were a member of their own families. Together with this was the amazing strength and dedication that the Leary family contributed to your frightening journey. Their love, pain and tears was felt by all who followed the daily bulletin. We all know why you fought so hard as no matter what was going on inside your head, you had to get back as part of such a loving kind and generous family. And let’s not forget all those wonderful messages of support from all your friends and relations together with the new friends who could not resist the daily saga of your Dad’s progress recovery reports.

Siva Muraliharan

Best Wishes

Jack & Lindy McIntosh

Congratulations Alexa. What a valiant journey that can only be described as a supernatural recovery with the unending support and dedication of medical staff that adopted your misfortune as if you were a member of their own families. Together with this was the amazing strength and dedication that the Leary family contributed to your frightening journey. Their love, pain and tears was felt by all who followed the daily bulletin. We all know why you fought so hard as no matter what was going on inside your head, you had to get back as part of such a loving kind and generous family. And let’s not forget all those wonderful messages of support from all your friends and relations together with the new friends who could not resist the daily saga of your Dad’s progress recovery reports.

Hayden Springer

Dan Vella

Paul Geyer

Keep fighting. You are making a huge difference in4645 people's lives and yours.


Hi Lex! I just wanted to leave a message to let you know how beautiful, brave, resilient and inspiring you are. Stay strong and keep fighting, you've got this! xxx

Kim Knox

What an inspiring, brave and courageous young lady you are Lex!

Olivia Dolan

Dana Lang

Dana Lang

Hi Alexa, I had to learn to walk and reuse twice in my I know how hard it must be for you and I know you repair your body and brain again so you can do what you love most. I go to the gym at good life I love spin bike and yoga most. I too am healing my body. You can do it Alexa !

Christie Johnston

Wendy Hunt

Christine Trompf

Smith Family

Sophia Simpson

Grant Miller

Monique Piccioli

You've got this Alexa! So inspired by you and everything you are!

Emily Anderson

Dear Lex, You are an inspiration to us all and we wish you the speediest recovery. Love from the Anderson Family.

Emily Anderson

Dana Lang

Shawn Elworthy

Ramona Datu

shawn e


shawn e

shawn elworthy


shawn elworthy

Scott Dilley

I have entered my first triathlon purely from your inspiration.

Beverley Nicholson

nikitta pinn

hey Alexa i am always looking up to you because you make me happy

Lex is an absolute inspiration ! Move for lex 💜

Genuinely so inspired

You are incredible and an inspiration xx

You are incredible and an inspiration xx

Rachel Jane

Sophie Greensill

An inspiration #moveforlex

As promised some profits from my business!!! Not many I am sorry because my business is growing slowly.

I work on an acute neurosurgical ward in Melbourne and I never get to see my patients progression when they leave for rehab. Seeing your progression has warmed my heart. Such a strong girl and family. So beautiful. Keep it up, all of you!

Stephanie Koolman

Brogan Hunter

Kayla Bonney

Jose Batres

Lexy you are in our prayers, stay strong and wishing a full, speedy recovery ❤

Isabella Crebert

Alexa you are an incredible inspiration. Stay strong and keep getting better xxx

You are incredible ! Wishing you all the best in your recovery Lex !!

Kim Goldsworthy

With Love From Kaydi & CJ Connolly (Jack's Friends)

Jose Batres

Hi Lex my name is Jose from Melbourne, Victoria. We are follow you and we was reading your Journey. 30 days ago my son Roberto had a similar accident like yours. You are an inspiration for us and show my son your progress. Keep working hard because like your Mum said is a long Road.

You’ve got this girl!

davina khoo

Get well soon Alexa and well done Maddy on your amazing impact :)

You are so strong Lex. You have inspired me so much and I wish you the speediest of recoveries 💖 keep on fighting beautiful girl

I love ya.

Vorgee Pty Ltd

Wishing you all the strength Lex. From the team at Vorgee!

Keep pushing, we are all behind you! 🙂

Chloe Burnside

Elizabeth McCamley

Tiffany McCarthy

Carolyn Smith

To Lex and the Leary family (Wil included!), I just wanna reach out and donate this money to show my support and show my gratitude towards your efforts in sharing Lex’s story and your efforts in staying strong and keeping your heads up, especially during these tough times (I know you must have a lot of my your plate right now). I don’t know you guys personally (I am from a Melbourne), but I have followed the story from the beginning and it makes me so happy seeing the progress from day 1 to this current day. The opportunity I have right now to show my support not only for your family but for the RBWH, fills me with so much joy and happiness, and I hope that Lex and you guys stay safe and healthy and I hope that Lex gets the full recovery she deserves and I hope that sometime in the future I am able to personally share my thanks and support to you guys personally! Below I have attached a photo to show behind the donation!! I hope this means well for your family and I don’t expect any messages back in return as I know how grateful you all are for all and every support that everyone shows! Much love, Maddy xoxo

Judy & Les Brodie

Good luck with more research and hospital equipment. My F45 club organised the fundraiser :)

You must be awesome being a pink lover…our fave colour too! Sending massive hugs from F45 Paddington and the Parers

Margaret-Ann Goy

Hiya - I am loving following your story and how motivated you are! Your family is amazing also. I keep moving every day and when I get tired and think I won’t do my daily F45 your motivation drives me to keep going!!! Thanks


Hi Lex! Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you. I have followed your journey since the #moveforLex movement started. You are smashing goals and I can’t wait to continue to watch you kick even more goals. Hang in there!

The Campbells

Hello Lex You are such an inspiration.. we are thinking of you every day & moving in your honour by walking cycling & jumping on the trampoline…stay strong we are all behind you Lotsalove The Campbells❤️👏🏻👏🏻🔆


Sending hugs to Lex and the whole Leary family. I am utterly amazed at Lex’s progress at the BIRU.

Ralph Cunningham

Happy hour podcast with Lex’s sister maddy was truly touching. I wish lex a speedy recovery and her family all the love in the world xx

Sending all of the love and healing in the world 🦋

Cori Wilder

I appreciate the ability to move everyday!